PC Transfer Kit Bundle Feat PCmover Professional, DiskImage, & SafeErase

Make sure the toggle is blue and the backup account is the same as the one you use for everything else. For people and appointments, Google has you covered here, too. Even without a proper Google Drive backup, any entries inputted into Calendar on your phone will automatically appear on your new phone as soon as you open the app. Some calendar apps also sync with Google Calendar, so you’ll want to make sure it’s set up even if it’s not your scheduling app of choice.

  • One of the annoying thing with this method is that it will be hard to find the location of the exported contact lists.
  • Gone are the days when the phone was only used to make calls, send a text message, and play simple games.
  • Learn solutions and copy photos between Android and iPhone.
  • You’re then into the Android operating system proper, and you can start enjoying your phone.

It is an efficient app for moving contacts and calendars between any two mobile devices, regardless of their operating systems. The app transfers data by connecting the Wi-Fi network of both phones. Like other mobile transfer apps, it uses Wi-Fi to connect the sending and receiving phones together. Furthermore, Copy My Data boasts remarkable transfer speeds and it assures security by requiring a 4-digit code before any data can be transferred. Copy My Data is a leading data transfer app which is excellent for copying photos, music, videos, calendars and contacts to a Samsung Galaxy phone.

Method 1: Using Photo Application

That’ll pull your existing info over and allow everything to stay up to date moving forward. More often than not, even something like a music collection is now tied to a streaming service and designed to be available anywhere. If you aren’t already using Google Contacts on your phone, download the app now and migrate your phone’s contacts into the service. Here’s how to transfer data, apps, contacts, and more from your old Android phone to a new one, along with tips for a smooth transition. You sending phone will detect the nearby phones. Choose the phone you want to transfer data to.

Thankfully, the data transfer process has improved significantly over the last few years. Most manufacturers offer apps or software to help you through the process. That said, it can still be complicated at times, so we’ve put together this guide on moving to a new phone. Venmo received several upgrades from the mobile PayPal. That means you can now use Venmo on any site copy my data apk that offers PayPal as a payment option.

Supported Devices

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Make The Switch And Bring Your Data With You

Furthermore, I have included solutions to transfer data via a wired or wireless connection. Though, if you are looking for the best file transfer app for PCВё then you can simply take the assistance of MobileTrans. It can help you transfer, back up, and restore your Android or iOS device’s data in numerous ways without any hassle. All you need to do are connect two phones to computer and click “transfer”, the software will do the rest for you in a few minute, saving time and energy.